Metallic SaaS Turns One and (Out)Shines Brighter Than Ever

By Manoj Nair - General Manager, Metallic
October 14, 2020

Since the early beginnings of Metallic – back when it was code-named “Turin” and a startup being incubated within Commvault – we knew that getting it right the first time around was critical as we embarked on our cloud journey. We also knew that you, the customer, needed something that didn’t yet exist, and we were on a mission to deliver: easy to use, cloud-native SaaS data protection solutions that could reduce management overhead, scale seamlessly, and deliver true trusted leadership for peace of mind.

Today, exactly one year later, our approach has not changed.

Customers can now leverage our cloud-native Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to simplify their operations. Metallic delivers data protection software complete with super-easy deployment; lifecycle and cloud infrastructure management; storage for primary and secondary data copies; continuous monitoring and security; and seamless scaling – all included. Built-in adherence to standards like GDPR, eDiscovery-ready offerings, and security certifications like ISO27001 and SOC 2 Type 2, all provide customers with peace of mind and powerful capabilities to address compliance needs.

What does one year bring? Happy customers, strong partners, new markets, and a few awards along the way…

Our accomplishments over the past year are measured by the value we’ve delivered our customers – and the innovation and power of Metallic and Commvault have been recognized by the industry and competitors alike. Microsoft, for example, has been one of Metallic’s biggest proponents from the beginning. So much so that the introduction of Metallic spawned a new, strategic partnership that tightly integrates go-to-market, engineering and sales of the Metallic SaaS portfolio with Microsoft Azure.

Since the initial launch, we’ve been very focused and deliberate in how we roll Metallic out in new countries around the world and with new features and functionality that meet customer needs. We started in the United States, then Canada and, most recently, made Metallic solutions available in Australia and New Zealand.

In our mission to make it as easy as possible to get the best of backup with the best of the cloud, we’re online and transaction-ready through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, an important piece to the availability puzzle, in addition to availability through a trusted global network and resellers. Metallic is BaaS done right. It’s the culmination of Commvault’s cloud-native data and backup innovations for the enterprise. Like with all things Commvault, we didn’t get here by chance and we didn’t skip any steps along the way, like some of our competitors. And as you can probably guess, we’re going to have some major news about the next phase of the Metallic rollout very, very soon.

The industry at large has also started to recognize how, though new to market, Metallic has already raised the bar for BaaS. I’m not too proud to brag (a little) about the fact that we’ve been selected as the Gold Winner for Cloud Storage & Backup Solution in the 2020 Stevie International Business Awards and named an IT Cloud/SaaS New Product-Service of the Year winner in the IT World Awards. Most recently was Metallic’s big win in the 2020 Best of VMworld Awards in the Resilience and Recovery category where Metallic was described by one judge as “Cloud-based backup done right for a change.”

All of these developments are directly benefitting our customers. Take Kristian Smith, a Metallic customer and manager for technical services and support at Linamar, who said “Metallic’s fully hosted SaaS backup solution scales with our environment, is secure, cost-effective and easy to manage. I’m confident the joint innovations between Commvault and Microsoft will continue to scale and grow with us, meeting our needs both now and in the future.”

Metallic has also been providing defense, intelligence, security, and infrastructure engineering firm Parsons Corp. with strong and comprehensive endpoint protection without impacting existing device performance. Benjamin Roper, Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist, and his team spend less time managing Metallic BaaS because of the “set it and forget it” design and ease of maintenance. “It runs in the background and it’s something that you install and then forget about.” When asked about the ROI for Metallic, Benjamin commented “For me, it works great and it does exactly what it says it does. I love having it.”

These are just a sampling of our customers who include some of the largest financial companies, the largest insurance companies, largest technology companies and the largest educational institutes among others, who have taken advantage of Metallic’s Office 365, Endpoint and Hybrid workload data protection for VMs, file shares and databases. We knew we hit on a big need for customers when the clamor for Metallic was so strong that we have early adopters in countries where we haven’t even formally launched yet.

Don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself.

To mark our first year, we’re holding a special edition of our Metallic Monday Webinar series: BaaS Done Right. Come join on Oct. 26 at 1 pm and learn more about how Metallic can deliver simple, powerful cloud-delivered data protection your business needs.

We’ve accomplished a lot, but at Metallic we have our eyes set on the horizon. To me, the most important question is what’s next? You’re about to see Metallic double our number of offerings and triple the number of countries where our BaaS solutions are available. That’s all happening just in this quarter with much more to come. We’re ready. Are you?