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Client Testimonials

But don’t take our word for it … hear from industry-experts on how Metallic gives the best of enterprise-grade protection for their organizations.

Kristen Smith

Manager of Technical Services & Support | Linamar

“Their support is responsive and reliable. The entire Commvault team always goes above and beyond every time, for every interaction.”

Benjamin Roper

Manager of Technical Services & Support Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist | Parsons

“For me, [Metallic] works great and it does exactly what it says it does. I love having it.”

Mark L.

IT Admin | Software Company

“Metallic for O365 is very easy to setup and maintain. It makes life easier for our busy team. It has been a set it and forget it solution. Metallic’s support and success teams are receptive and helpful.”

Brian L.

President | Small Business

“Once it’s setup, it is easy to use. [I have] confidence that everything is there when I need a backup.”

IT Manager | Construction Company

“With Metallic, we now have robust, reliable backups. The wealth of information in a highly customizable dashboard/report format is incredible to have.”

Marlo Alexander

System Administrator | Transportation Company

“This solution gives me full insight without having to use other products, metrics, or reporting tools.”

John Gagliano

Aviation Attorney | Gagliano Law Offices

“In terms of the speed of backup, it operates seamlessly, so I’d rate it as excellent… with my daily use and workload, quite honestly I don’t even notice when it backs up.”