Metallic® Active Directory Backup

Complete identity and access management protection, included with your Metallic subscription

Safeguard Microsoft AD and Azure AD data from a single solution.

Recover data, reduce downtime, and get your
business back online

Turn-key Protection

Get dedicated coverage for AD objects and attributes, including OUs, group policy objects, users, groups, app registrations, and more.

Flexible Recovery

Quickly recover missing, damaged, and misconfigured attributes, or roll back entire environments to the last known good state. 

Hardened Security

Keep your data safe and compliant with built-in security standards, privacy protocols, ransomware insights, and zero-trust access controls. 

Got a need? Consider it covered

  • Automated and frequent daily backups
  • Fast, granular, and full-fidelity recovery options
  • Single solution protection across Microsoft and Azure AD environments
  • Comprehensive coverage of attributes and objects
  • Layered security, with virtually air-gapped ransomware protection
  • Real-time insights into at-risk datasets, abnormal behaviors, and suspicious events
  • Role-based, SSO, and SAML authentication controls
  • Data encryption in-flight and at-rest
  • Simple SaaS deployment with hassle-free maintenance

Supported platforms and applications

Active Directory

  • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Physical or virtual servers
    • On-premises or in the cloud
  • Azure Active Directory

Storage Targets

  • Metallic Cloud Storage
    • Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ on Microsoft Azure (included with Azure Active Directory & Microsoft Active Directory Backup)
  • Bring Your Own Cloud Storage
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
    • Amazon S3
    • HPE cloud Volumes Backup
  • On-Premises Storage (Microsoft Active Directory Only)
    • Commvault Distributed Storage
    • Dell EMC > Isilon, Data Domain
    • Hitachi >HNAS, VSP, HCP
    • HPE > Primera, Nimble, 3PAR
    • NetApp E-Series
    • Pure Storage > FlashArray, Flashblade

Active Directory protection is included for free with every Metallic Backup service