Metallic® Security IQ

Spot risks, reduce threats, and exceed recovery objectives – from a single view

Stay ahead of evolving threats with advanced security tools and insights.

Drive better security outcomes across your
Metallic environment

Security posture score

Evaluates backup environments and recommends native actions for improvement.

Anomalous conditions

Tracks abnormal conditions and behaviors on data for deeper insight into unwarranted changes on backup data.

Unusual file activity

Monitors anomalous file system trends and suggests pre-ransomware recovery points.


Catalogs unauthorized changes to configurations, restores, and user logins.

Got a need? Consider it covered

  • Score and validate security posture against native controls
  • Track unauthorized modifications to configurations, restores, and user logins
  • Locate threat applications within backup content
  • Prevent unwarranted deletion and restore attempts with multi-authorization approvals
  • Isolate malicious datasets to safely recover without reinfection
  • Drive security across your entire Metallic environment
  • Monitor unusual file creations, changes, and renames with AI-powered anomaly detection
  • Make smarter recovery decisions, with pre-ransomware restore points
  • Proactively remove infected systems

Advanced security meets data management
with Security IQ