Metallic Hit the Ground Running, Now it’s Time to Fly

By Manoj Nair - General Manager, Metallic
June 22, 2020

I’ve been on a personal cloud journey for much of my career. First as a customer, then as a strategic partner to cloud vendors and, most recently, at a startup in the cloud ecosystem. I’ve seen the evolution of the cloud from every angle…or so I thought. In my new role as the leader of Metallic, the SaaS division of Commvault, I’m now in the unique position of leading a startup that was both born and incubated within an established company, something rare in this industry.

When I decided to join Sanjay’s team at Commvault, I knew I was in for some fun. Even as an outside observer, I followed as Commvault unveiled Metallic in October and was impressed by the combination of elegance and power of a SaaS offering built on the proven technology of Commvault. Since then, the team has moved with bold speed and precision to get us into a new phase of evolution for Metallic built around, continued innovation, customer experience and global expansion. We are well underway.

Just as I joined the company, we launched our Customer Care Program, aimed to help companies address the new challenges we’re faced with in this difficult time. Our goal was to quickly help organizations with increasingly remote workforces ensure their data is protected. At the heart of the program is a complementary offering of our Metallic Endpoint Backup and Recovery SaaS based solution, delivered jointly with our valued partner, Microsoft. We’re getting great feedback from customers, and don’t forget, this is available until Sept. 1. And, did I mention unlimited storage on Azure?

When we rolled out the Customer Care Program, we made that offer available in the U.S. and, for the first time in Canada, which was a new milestone for Metallic. Today, we’re making all Metallic SaaS solutions available across North America with our expansion into the Canadian market. This includes our three enterprise-grade offerings: Metallic™ Core Backup & Recovery, Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery, and Metallic™ Endpoint Backup & Recovery.

This is a great step in our journey, especially as I talk to partners like Compugen, who are excited about how Metallic expands their portfolio of offerings to customers. We were engaging with Jeremy Erlick, Vice President of Sales, Central & East for Compugen, a leader in the Canadian market and an established Commvault Partner now launching with Metallic, and something he said really resonated with me I asked him if I could share it in my blog and was grateful he obliged. 

“Our partnership with Commvault to offer Metallic in Canada immediately expands our SaaS-based data protection offerings and allows us to offer a more comprehensive set of services for backing up VMs, Office 365 instances, and Endpoints. Since Metallic is cloud based while leveraging the best of Commvault technology, it’s flexible, scalable, with no big upfront investment, while being enterprise-grade – all of which are key considerations in today’s work-from-home world.”

Jeremy is spot on. And while we still have a lot of work to do, what drew me to Commvault and Metallic is what I mentioned earlier: the boldness of the strategy and ability to execute. Commvault recognized the need to expand their business to meet customers where they are in their cloud journey, and to fill a gap in the market by offering a truly enterprise-grade SaaS solution for protecting and managing data for customers of all sizes. I saw Commvault clearly: a company successfully navigating the innovator’s dilemma – harnessing new technologies while delivering unique industry capabilities to benefit a broader set of customers.

We will be successful because Metallic supports companies at any phase of their cloud strategy. Companies moving to cloud have an easy entry point into cloud through their data protection solution. Companies already leveraging cloud and SaaS offerings can use Metallic to safeguard data across their hybrid or cloud-native environment.

From my point of view, Metallic is at an inflection point. Just eight short months ago the Metallic team delivered on a mandate to build a SaaS product portfolio and born in the cloud customer experience from the ground up, based on Commvault’s powerful core technology. It’s now time to leverage the full power of Commvault beyond its IP.