What is the Commvault® Cloud As-A-Service (SaaS) platform?

Commvault Cloud is Commvault’s unified cyber resilience platform. Leveraging a common foundation and framework, the Commvault Cloud offers the flexibility to consume Commvault services in the cloud, as software on-prem, or as an integrated appliance through a single platform.

Our SaaS solution runs on a pre-built platform, with core code deployed in the cloud. An active SaaS layer and APIs manage billing, metrics, and identity management functions. Built on top of Commvault’s industry-leading technology, our  flexible product architecture offers unmatched flexibility and scale. 

How fast can customers be up and running?

Generally, you can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes. However, with data ready and waiting to be backed up, we’ve had new users configure and run their first backup in under 7 minutes. 

What can customers back up? What environments are supported?

Commvault Cloud has solutions to protect hybrid cloud environments, Microsoft 365 data, and endpoints.

Supported data sources include:

Where can I store my data?

You can get up and running quickly on Commvault Cloud storage (in Azure), or you can leverage your own Azure or AWS cloud storage. In addition, with VM & Kubernetes Backup, File & Object Backup and Database Backup, you can leverage your own on-premises storage for speedy recovery.

Is Commvault Cloud SaaS secure?

Yes. Commvault Cloud offers the same security technology that Commvault has developed over 20 years: supporting secure outbound connections from your networks, encrypting all data and metadata traversed across networks, encrypting data at rest, and securing access controls to ensure only authorized users have access to data. Commvault Cloud is ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II compliant. To view the reports, you must agree to confidentiality obligations before this information is released to you.

Can I use Commvault Cloud SaaS if my company must comply with GDPR?

Yes, Commvault is committed to supporting our customers’ compliance with GDPR.  We prioritize the privacy and security of the data we protect with our entire product suite.  When we provide services to our EU customers as a data processor on their behalf, we will ensure that we comply with the specific requirements for data processors.  Learn more about how Commvault adheres and complies with GDPR regulations here.

What is Commvault Cloud for Government?

Commvault Cloud for Government is our portfolio of solutions designed for use by US federal agencies. Commvault Cloud for Government is hosted exclusively on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud and is FedRAMP High Authorized – In PMO Review compliant, and meets highest confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards recognized by the US government. For more information, please visit https://commvault.com/platform/government-cloud.

How many people does it take to manage Commvault Cloud SaaS?

Commvault Cloud SaaS can be managed by a single person using a fraction of the time other products require, by leveraging our ready-to-use SaaS backup and recovery infrastructure and services, deploying backup using our built-in best practices guidance, and using the Cloud Console for simplified operations experience.

Additional administrators (such as database or helpdesk administrators) can be added, and access can be granted to others in your organization to reduce operational overheads further.

How is customer support offered? What is the response time for incidents?

Commvault Cloud offers are covered by our best-in-class remote support team, which can be contacted by submitting a customer support case via the Commvault Support Portal. Customer Support is available 24/5 and critical support is available 24/7. Visit our Support page for details.

Response to incidents under Commvault Cloud SaaS will be based on the assigned severity level. Commvault reserves the right to reassign severity levels based on the surrounding circumstances and nature of the incident.

SeverityImpact ExampleTargeted Initial Response TimeFollow Up Response
1 – Critical*Your system is inoperable or is at a severely reduced level of functionality resulting in an adverse impact on normal business operations and no immediate workaround or resolution is available. You agree the incident will be worked continuously until resolved.1 Hour4 hours
2 – HighYou are experiencing intermittent failure or performance degradation which has limited your normal business operations. These incidents are time sensitive and critical to productivity, but do not cause an immediate work stoppage. No workaround is available, and operations can continue in a limited capacity.2 Hours8 hours
3 – MediumConditions are defined as a minor incident that can be worked around without major impact to your normal business operations.4 Hours24 hours
4 – LowYou have general questions or a low impact issue.24 Hours48 hours
Download our Support Policy Guide

What are reporting capabilities within the product?

The Cloud Console provides quick access to key information such as: product and storage usage, running jobs and related information, current data being backed up, throughput speeds, and detailed reporting on backup and recovery jobs.

Can Commvault Cloud protect me from a ransomware attack?

When a company is hit with ransomware, Commvault Cloud helps safeguard your backup copies, and prevents the spread of an attack, and allows you to recover lost data quickly.

How? First, Commvault Cloud provides a backup method and storage locations that are highly resistant to ransomware attacks since they are offsite and store the data in a format inaccessible to typical ransomware. In addition, our anomaly detection capabilities can warn you that something is amiss and will automatically prevent backup data from being aged off. Lastly, granular recovery capabilities and a global index let you find and restore what you need quickly.

What makes Commvault Cloud SaaS different from other backup and recovery solutions?

Power, performance, flexibility.

Commvault delivers 20 years of industry-leading technology as a simple SaaS solution. We uniquely provide a breadth of offerings and a depth of capabilities for performance, speed, security, and granular recovery. We offer proven scale and flexibility that others don’t, including the option to bring your storage.

What is SaaS?

SaaS means software delivered as a service. Rather than operating as software installed and running out of a customer’s hardware or data center, Commvault Cloud SaaS provides the backup and recovery software in the cloud. Our customers log in online to access and manage the backup service and to perform restores. Setup is hassle-free and maintenance and upgrades are handled automatically.

What do you mean by SaaS Plus?

For hybrid cloud offerings, including VM & Kubernetes Backup, File & Object Backup, and Database Backup, a backup service run in the cloud that still gives you the flexibility to choose your storage. You may choose to bring your own AWS or Azure storage, or keep a copy within an on-premises server for the fastest recovery option. Whereas other SaaS solutions lock you into a single storage option, Commvault Cloud provides choice.

Where is Commvault Cloud SaaS sold?

Commvault Cloud SaaS is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico at this time. Commvault Cloud SaaS is also available through MSP partners in additional regions as a managed service. To learn more about MSP offerings, check out https://commvault.com/partners/managed-service-providers.

Can I try Commvault Cloud SaaS before I buy?

If you want to try our SaaS solutions before buying, sign up for a free trial. Or you can contact us to talk to a Metallic team member about your company’s needs or request a quote.

How much does it cost?

Commvault Cloud SaaS backup and recovery solutions are offered as annual or monthly subscriptions. Discounts are available based on committing to a specific volume with one of our annual plans. View all pricing plans, currencies and pricing FAQs on our pricing page.

Are there fees associated with data restores?

Ingress, egress, and restore fees are not applicable with Commvault Cloud. You pay one, straightforward subscription cost – without any hidden charges. Standard charges associated with this separate account may apply for customers who prefer to use their private cloud account for storage (and not Commvault).