SaaS-Based Data Protection Available in the ANZ Market

By Thad Keating - VP, Metallic Go to Market
September 1, 2020

I’m proud to announce that, today, we’ve made all Metallic SaaS Backup & Recovery solutions available in the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) market, marking our official expansion outside of North America for the first time. This includes the availability of our three initial enterprise-grade offerings: Metallic Core Backup & Recovery, Office 365 Backup & Recovery, and Endpoint Backup & Recovery.

The ANZ market is the perfect region for Metallic to continue our global rollout for a variety of reasons. Customers in the region understand the value and the inherent operational simplicity that as-a-service models can bring to their environments. They are also looking for – and are often ahead of the curve in adopting – modern consumption models and cloud technologies more than IT organizations in any other part of the world.

The rate of cloud adoption we’re seeing in APJ is significant. For example, according to Gartner, the Australian appetite for cloud services leads global rates with spending on public cloud services expected to grow by more than 18% year-on-year compared to 17% globally. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) will be the largest market segment, and is forecasted to reach $116 billion in 2020, due to the scalability of subscription-based software. I’ve had many discussions with my colleague and Commvault’s VP and Managing Director of APJ, Callum Eade, and he has been quick to point out that parts of APJ, like New Zealand, are subject to government mandates requiring some workloads to be based on three or four cloud storage options. The overall demand, legislation and compliance requirements — and need to protect worker data as businesses rapidly shift to remote work — are all factors creating a groundswell of demand for simple SaaS (or SaaS-based) solutions.

Customers in ANZ are working through a really interesting time as they try to figure out how they can protect and secure  their environments. Simply stated: The conversation has rapidly shifted from deciding if customers should put workloads in the cloud to which workloads should they move to the cloud first? With the adoption of cloud there comes the adoption of newer economic models that IT organizations may not historically be used to (or accustomed to). Often, one of the ways to look at that is through an OPEX, rather than a CAPEX, model.

So why SaaS? More specifically, why Metallic SaaS?

SaaS solutions revolve around simple subscriptions, predictable costs, and no large (or small) capital investments – making it an attractive and viable option for organizations today. Data protection is no different.  SaaS data protection provides enterprise-grade protection with the same benefits and consumption model as existing SaaS solutions, capable of helping companies:

  • Continually support cloud-first initiatives or journey to the cloud
  • Shed tech debt, without sacrificing security
  • Rapidly deploy and scale to support ever evolving workloads and SaaS apps

With Metallic Backup & Recovery solutions, you get cost-effective and enterprise-grade protection, without complexity. Metallic provides SaaS data protection that’s capable of reducing costs, decreasing overhead and eliminating headaches. Customers can save precious budget dollars on things like network, hardware and infrastructure expenses. Also, with Metallic, you get fully-hosted data protection, meaning you’ll never face installation, configuration or large upfront capital investments again.

Rarely do customers see a company with the longevity, sustainability and profitability that Commvault has, bringing an innovative model like SaaS to the table. It allows customers to de-risk their entire environment with a modern data protection model as opposed to looking at startups that may not be around two, three, or five years down the line. We’re excited to now be able to bring Metallic to a new part of the world and to be working with customers and partners alike to help them solve their data protection challenges now and in the future. Metallic’s SaaS technology is constantly evolving as is our go-to-market approach and availability to new parts of the world. We’re setting the stage for full, global availability of our SaaS offerings and more regions will be coming online between now and the end of this calendar year. Stay tuned!