Introducing Metallic for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Metallic offers Managed Service Providers the unique opportunity to have a single solution across the broadest set of workloads to solve your customers’ toughest data challenges. All of this is available while reducing infrastructure and management overhead costs and providing a quick time to value. Our Metallic SaaS offerings alongside our Metallic MSP Portal and Metallic Hub deliver unparalleled value. By joining our MSP Partner Advantage Program you will deliver the gold standard in data protection as a managed service.

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We have joined forces to deliver a unified solution with everything our customers need to fully protect workloads, applications and data at infinite scale while reducing costs and complexity.

Héctor Guillermo Martinez, President, GM Sectec

Commvault has made it easier through the new MSP Portal and Metallic Hub. Having infinite scale at our fingertips to seamlessly manage our clients’ data, with decreased overhead, and industry-leading security – allows Veristor to go to market faster and more successfully than ever before.

Matt Bynum, Director of Technology Services, Veristor Systems

A top priority for our customers is keeping their data safe with data protection solutions that are secure, compliant, and cost-effective.

Iniel Dreyer, Managing Director, Director of Data Management Professionals South Africa

Through Metallic’s data protection-as-a-service, we surpass our customers’ expectations of what data management looks like and provide them with a scalable offering that protects their data, wherever it lives.

Metallic’s seamless portal and continuous support also addresses our business needs, increasing our breadth of coverage, time to value, and industry leadership.

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GM Sectec

Why Metallic For MSPs?

Breadth of Coverage

Metallic delivers breadth of coverage with offerings to protect Endpoints, SaaS, and Hybrid Cloud Workloads


Industry Leading Technology providing customers with powerful layered security wherever they may be

Profitability & Time to Value

New capabilities to drive revenue while reducing costs Accelerated Transformation, Migration & Onboarding Services


MSP Portal and Hub empower you to accelerate your customers transformation

Remote Management and monitoring – at your fingertips

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