An Inspired Solution: Commvault and NetApp Deliver Metallic DMaaS for Microsoft Office 365

By Bernard Laroche - VP, Global Strategic Partners, Commvault
July 19, 2022

The Commvault and NetApp partnership is strong – built on a 15 year history of delivering modern data management solutions to more than 1,200 customers. Together, we address customers’ most challenging data management pain points, especially data loss as a result of ransomware, internal bad actors, or accidental deletion.

To combat these concerns and provide a more flexible model for our joint customers, we’ve expanded our partnership with NetApp to offer Metallic® Office 365 Backup as a replacement for NetApp’s discontinued support for O365 backup. Commvault’s award-winning Metallic Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) provides the tools customers need to manage, migrate, access, and recover their data – no matter where it lives – while also reducing cost and risk. It’s everything you’d expect from an enterprise-grade solution, but with the simplicity and cost-savings of SaaS.

Today, the Metallic portfolio works seamlessly across NetApp’s data fabric and brings industry-leading DMaaS to customers’ hybrid workloads. Get a first look at how our solutions work together this week during Microsoft’s annual Inspire event.

NetApp’s Only SaaS Backup Solution for Office 365 Data

The addition of Metallic® Office 365 Backup solves one of today’s biggest needs – broad-ranging protection for our customers’ most used Office 365 applications. From Exchange and Teams, to OneDrive, SharePoint, and more, companies rely on Office 365 applications to maintain day-to-day business operations, making the data within these applications critical. And while Microsoft manages the physical infrastructure and network elements of Office 365, the customer is responsible for their own O365 data. With Metallic® Office 365 Backup, customers get that extended long-term data retention they need, seamlessly safeguarding their business from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attacks.

  • Complete Coverage: Metallic offers comprehensive SaaS protection across Office 365 applications, as well as unlimited Azure storage and retention. With granular restore, customers can effortlessly locate active or deleted data, rapidly recover from attack, and easily meet business SLA and compliance requirements.
  • Hardened Security: Metallic’s multi-layered approach to security meets the most stringent of safety standards. Its built-in privacy protocols and zero-trust access controls, along with the ability to provide virtual air-gapped backup copies, safeguards customers’ most critical Office 365 data from data loss and threats.
  • Seamless SaaS: Metallic® Office 365 Backup removes the complexity of data backup and protection, offering hassle-free deployments, flexible subscriptions, and no maintenance and management requirements. With no hardware, installation, or large upfront capital investments and zero egress fees or hidden storage charges, Metallic has been proven to reduce costs, ensuring customers only pay for what they need.

Commvault and NetApp are leading the way in digital transformation – providing customers with the flexibility and security to manage and protect their data whenever they need it, wherever it resides.

Together, we are offering customers the data protection and management strategy that is built to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Metallic® Office 365 Backup is available globally on the NetApp price book.

Interested in seeing the solutions in action? Don’t forget to check us out this week at Microsoft Inspire! We’ll have demos, customer stories, on-demand sessions, and more!