The Gold Standard in Data Protection as a Service – Metallic’s Innovative Three Years

By David Ngo - CTO, Metallic
January 11, 2023

Part of Metallic’s three-year birthday celebration in October 2022, Metallic CTO, David Ngo, during a recent webinar, reflects upon some of the key milestones of Metallic’s endeavors in developing and delivering the next generation of data management as a service (DMaaS).

David begins by highlighting some of the major trends and forces that have influenced business technology, how people work, and the data protection market over the past three years, including massive hybrid cloud data sprawl, the explosion of cybercrime, and the pandemic-fueled rapid adoption of Microsoft 365. Fortunately, these market forces haven’t changed Metallic’s mission over the past three years. With security top-of-mind for a majority of IT and business unit leaders, Metallic’s air-gapped security and reliable data recovery have become the central focus of conversations, while agile deployment, simplified management, and reducing infrastructure still drive significant value in the industry.

Extensive Portfolio for Complete Hybrid Cloud Coverage

Continuing to solve these business challenges, David details how Metallic has established the gold standard in data management as a service over the past three years by broadening the portfolio to cover the services, applications, and platforms necessary to safeguard all of the data during every step of a customer’s hybrid cloud journey. Metallic also greatly expanded its geographic footprint. Now, Metallic is available in over 30 countries, having achieved GDPR and many additional data residency compliance regulations. Plus, with wide strategic partnership growth, Metallic is the only DMaaS provider that can protect data across the three major clouds of AWS, Azure, and OCI.

David discusses how Metallic’s capabilities have contributed towards evolving the data protection industry’s definitions of air-gapped security and data immutability for today’s threat environments. Metallic’s zero-trust, multi-layered security approach, extensive security certifications (including FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review), and encrypted communication enable Metallic’s SaaS offering to create a virtual air gap for customer data. Metallic achieves immutability by putting the right data controls (dual authorization for actions, multifactor authentication, etc.) in place for the domain and backup storage environments to prevent threats from malicious actors, both outside and inside the organization.

Extending Protection Beyond Data Backup

Next, David profiles how Metallic has expanded its data management and protection capabilities beyond just data backup and recovery. Over the past three years, Metallic has brought innovative and valuable products and services to market, including:

Following that, David delivers a high-level demo of the Metallic’s DMaaS platform highlighting Metallic’s extensive protection capabilities, simple configurability, and the quick time-to-value many customers experience. Finally, Dave wraps up the webinar’s presentation by showcasing some of the awards and accolades Metallic has garnered over the past three years.

Check out the on-demand webinar to see more of Metallic’s recent and ongoing achievements, a demo of Metallic’s backup and security capabilities, and an informative round of Q&A. To learn even more about Metallic, the gold standard of DMaaS, schedule a live demo today.