Security IQ: Advanced Visibility to Heighten Backup Data Protection

By Zack Brigman - Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Metallic
November 21, 2022

The state of ransomware is known all too well – with companies of every size coming into the crosshairs. As work from anywhere, digital transformation, and cloud adoption initiatives accelerate, bad actors are capitalizing during this new state of change. Compounded by IT staffing and skills shortages, today’s businesses must rely on modern tools to keep pace and combat the growing sophistication and volume of threats.

Going beyond backup

Backup and recovery is commonly been associated as your last line of defense – promoting business continuity and recoverability. But as ransomware and malicious threats mount, modern companies need proactive insights and new approaches to respond.  With Security IQ, from Metallic, you get intuitive tools to safeguard from external and insider threats. It’s embedded into every Metallic subscription – helping businesses reduce attack surface exposure and constantly monitor their backup environment – broadly across SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid cloud workloads. It’s designed to promote the best data protection framework, helping users:

  • Reduce downtimes
  • Fully recover from data loss
  • Minimize operational impact

Here’s how…

Protecting data with unrivaled insight

Metallic infrastructure is a secured-by-default platform, keeping customer data safe. Backup copies are virtually air-gapped and isolated from source environments, advanced zero-trust controls prevent unwanted access, and robust security protocols are baked in to further hardened Metallic at a platform-level (including FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more). But keeping data safe and immutable alone is not enough. Users still need intuitive tools to further safeguard from external and insider threats, while making more intelligent data recovery decisions.

Security IQ, our integrated insights engine, provides a level of assessment and validation that secures backup data at its core while driving better recovery outcomes. It enables organizations to evaluate and continuously improve their security stature. With real-time visibility into critical events, anomalous activities, and vulnerabilities, IT and security managers can make informed recovery decisions that meet and exceed SLA objectives. Users can apply various security controls ontop of the default Metallic platform, delivering actionable insights and establishing smart recovery points based on specific incidents and event analytics.

Securing, monitoring, and responding

Within Security IQ, users can quickly enhance their security posture. By evaluating all available controls and best practices, Metallic then intuitively recommends admin actions to further harden current backup environments. Users can quickly assess areas improvement and rapidly configure additional security capabilities to bolster their security stature. It includes key parameters such as advanced authentication, storage encryption, multi-authorization workflows, and more.

Additionally, Security IQ provides advanced monitoring of datasets and behaviors. It can flag and detect anomalous conditions across networks and spotlight suspicious activity for investigation. AI/ML-powered file monitoring also monitors flags unusual file activity in real-time. It enables users to discern when datasets are being tampered with, deleted, or created. This gives direct line of sight into potentially infected datasets or malicious activities. From here, users can further investigate suspect files, quarantine impacted datasets, and uproot suspicious behavior before it can cause immediate or widespread damage. Users can then recover data with precision and confidence by surgically removing malicious files and rolling individual datasets or entire environments back to last clean, pre-infected states to prevent reinfection.

Looking for more information on Security IQ?  Watch our on-demand webinar, Early Detection meets Data Protection, to learn more and see a live tech demo.