Building Metallic’s Momentum for Greater Global Growth

By Thad Keating - Vice President, Cloud & Security GTM
October 13, 2022

Looking back to 2019, I feel a nostalgic thrill for when we began our three-year journey towards delivering the best cloud-delivered data protection offering on the market. From the beginning, we recognized that those first steps couldn’t just be about moving software into the cloud. If we wanted to build and offer enterprise-grade backup with the simplicity of SaaS, that meant innovating new ways of discovering, developing, selling, and supporting our technology.

Then…things got interesting. Along with everyone else, we faced a global pandemic and a newly remote workforce. On top of that, we dealt with intensifying cyber threats and tight resources. Just to survive, companies started to rethink how they protected their data—which meant that we needed to reimagine how we could best enable them.

We embraced agility. We aimed high, worked hard, failed fast, and Metallic was born. And now we’re not just celebrating our three-year anniversary, but also our global impact and continued focus on providing the industry’s best data management as a service (DMaaS) offering.

What’s changed in three years?

It’s hard to lump everything that’s happened over the last few years, but I’ll do my best. For starters, our portfolio of Metallic services started with just three products—now we’ve quadrupled our product offerings. We have grown our solution focus from primarily delivering backup and recovery  into a gold-standard DMaaS platform, expanding our services with unique and differentiated data protection, data security, and compliance capabilities.  All while delivering comprehensive and unmatched coverage of critical workloads, to protect where it lives today – and where may be tomorrow – including; endpoint protection for laptops and desktops,  SaaS app protection across Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce environments; and unique hybrid cloud data management for unrivaled protection of VMs, containers, structured, and unstructured data – on prem and in the cloud. 

From a regional perspective, we’ve expanded globally and have exponentially grown the number of countries we operate in and deliver solutions to, now totaling 32 countries and growing. Metallic has been in high demand as we now have over 2,500 customers worldwide.

On top of that, we have expanded our cloud partners footprint with Microsoft and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This includes focusing on serving users of Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365—plus an Oracle partnership with emphasis on hybrid cloud and emerging technology solutions.

Started different. Staying different.

We’re continuing to invest in Security Services. First, with Metallic® Recovery Reserve™, delivering air-gapped storage, for an extra layer of ransomware protection.  Then, with Security IQ, giving businesses advanced security insights and tools across backup environments.  And recently, with the with the launch of ThreatWise, Metallic’s cyber deception offering for early ransomware warning in production environments.  

Together, Commvault and Metallic have created the most comprehensive (DMaaS) offering available in the global market. No other vendor has the ability to deliver a flexible, and simple-to-use, data management platform, offering fast recovery and multiple public (and private) cloud support, for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Performance without the complexity

What’s the thing I find most compelling? Everything Commvault and Metallic delivers is accomplished in a single platform. Cloud-based data backup from industry-leader Commvault, Metallic provides the power to bring simplicity and flexibility to an extremely complex ecosystem—all from one codebase, with one single view, and within one unified solution. No one else comes close.

And here are just a few more things that continue to set us apart:

Three years have brought a massive amount of change, and I, for one, am excited to see what the next three years have in store—and then the next 30 years. I look forward to having you with us as we continue this journey together!