Enterprise-Ready, Data Management as a Service for AWS Workloads

By Rangaraaj Rajagopalan - Vice President, Products
November 20, 2021

The addition of Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads is the latest innovation from Metallic to demonstrate our commitment to delivering industry-leading Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) for the broadest set of workloads and environments. More than half of organizations today use multiple public clouds1, making it more important than ever for a data management solution to deliver multi-cloud choice and breadth of coverage. To date, multi-cloud support from Metallic has included the ability for AWS customers to bring their own Amazon S3 storage, as well as to protect AWS services including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Red Hat OpenShift on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC). With this latest expansion, Metallic is answering customer needs for enterprise-grade protection of a broader range of AWS services — including databases, analytics, storage, and compute services — with all the benefits of an agile and simple-to-manage SaaS solution.

Built on trusted technology – delivered as SaaS

With rising threats of cyberattack, increasing compliance demands, and the complexities of data sprawl, trusted data protection and recovery is more important than ever. Commvault has long delivered comprehensive multi-cloud support, protecting AWS workloads for customers including those in the Fortune 100. Now, with data protection as a service as the fastest growing segment of our industry2, Metallic provides a cloud-delivered option for safeguarding AWS services — built on the Commvault technology that more than 100,000 companies around the world have come to trust.

This latest expansion allows companies requiring an enterprise solution for data management — beyond cloud-native snapshot capabilities — to leverage Metallic for simplified management of AWS service backup, rapid and granular data recovery, and increased flexibility for long-term retention and compliance demands across workloads. And because Metallic is a SaaS solution, it is up and running fast, with simplified management, automatic updates, and air-gapped security.

The details: What is Metallic launching?

Metallic AWS workload coverage now spans the full Metallic hybrid cloud portfolio, with data backup and recovery for:

  • Amazon EC2 compute instances, with support for cloud-native snapshots for rapid recovery
  • AWS cloud databases, with support for Amazon RDS (including Amazon Aurora); Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon DocumentDB instances
  • Analytics on AWS with support for Amazon Redshift data warehouse service
  • Amazon S3 object storage

This comes in addition to existing support for

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) containerized application protection and migration
  • VMware Cloud™ on AWS (VMC) vSphere-based compute workload protection and migration

Baked-in best practices also allow customers to focus on cost savings and data security. Cloud snapshot-based backup accelerates recovery time, while Metallic deduplication and compression reduce storage and egress fees by storing and replicating data into lower-cost Amazon S3 storage classes (Amazon S3 Standard Infrequent Access, Amazon S3 Glacier, Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive). In addition to leveraging existing Amazon S3 storage, customers have the flexibility to send additional copies to Metallic Cloud Storage for air-gapped ransomware protection (with associated egress costs).

Additional capabilities include automated configuration of IAM policies and roles – ensuring that Metallic backup & recovery has secure access to protect all your critical AWS services. Additionally, customers can also take advantage of intuitive security tools and advanced insights through the newly-launched Security IQ feature, allowing admins to spot risks in real time and limit exposure.

We’ve got you covered

The best solutions are the ones that are built around their customers – and this approach has been speeding Metallic innovation from the very start. In the past year – we have added cloud-to-cloud protection of critical SaaS applications like Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, while bolstering our Office 365 backup to include unmatched Teams protection. We have strengthened Metallic cloud storage offerings with flexible tiers. We have added to the wide range of hybrid cloud workloads, including VMs, containers, as well as unstructured and structured data – with support for enterprise applications like SAP HANA and Oracle.

In addition, we have achieved FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review ready status, meeting 400+ security controls – the only DMaaS vendor in our industry to do so. We’ve added powerful security features through Security IQ, and we have expanded to deliver all of this to 30 countries around the globe, as well as through MSP partners. And now, with Metallic for AWS, companies finally have access to enterprise-grade DMaaS that spans the major public cloud providers, with single pane of glass management.

Through consistently innovating and adding options for existing and new customers, Metallic is reaffirming our commitment to developing the gold standard in data management as a service – meeting our customers where they are in their cloud journey today and helping them get to where they want to go tomorrow.

1 William Blair, Beyond Backup: Data Management in the Cloud Era, December 2020

2 SaaSPath 2Q20, April 2020, IDC