NEW! Metallic Introduces Advanced Security IQ Dashboard

By David Cunningham - Senior Product Manager
October 28, 2021

As ransomware and cyberthreats rapidly increase, data security remains top of mind for private and public businesses. To safeguard data, today’s organizations need an effective, well-rounded, and multi-layered strategy to secure and recover data on a moment’s notice.

Keeping this in mind, we proudly introduced Metallic Security IQ Dashboard earlier today (, empowering our customers with advanced security capabilities within our award-winning data protection portfolio.

With Security IQ, user get intuitive tools and advanced insights to bolster their data backup and recovery posture broadly across SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid cloud workloads. Seamlessly integrated across the entire Metallic portfolio, IT admins can spot risks and vulnerabilities in real-time, limit exposure to cyberthreats at scale, and successfully exceed data recovery objectives.

Here’s what’s in it for you…

  • Security posture scoring: Assesses and scores the security posture of the backup environment by evaluating native controls and parameters actively enabled. Also provides users with guidance and recommended areas of improvement to continuously bolster security stature of Metallic environments.
  • Anomalous events: Catalogs abnormal conditions and behaviors on data (such as anomalous root size changes, suspicious files, failed login attempts, offline clients and more), offering deeper insight into unwarranted changes which can adversely impact backup data.
  • Activity insights: Monitors and tracks anomalous trends in real-time, delivering detailed information to users on ‘suspect’ data types. Provides users with visual guidance on suggested pre-ransomware recovery points.
  • Advanced audits: Provides quick visibility into potential ransomware activity and unauthorized changes to configurations, restores, and user logins.
  • Honeypots: Helps lure and deflect ransomware attempts on file systems and endpoints.
  • Seamless integration: Delivers a single dashboard across all Metallic services, surfacing actionable insights for multiple Metallic backup environments in a single view

For more information on Security IQ, as well as our entire multi-layered approach to security, check out the following page ( for more details.