Seamlessly Bringing On-Premises Financial Data and Workloads to the Cloud

By Michael Tschirret - Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Metallic
November 17, 2022

A tech-forward financial services company had established a reputation for providing simple, personalized payment, lending, and saving solutions. When the organization installed a new CIO, that executive spearheaded an initiative to refresh its legacy backup and recovery environment. This meant moving everything the company possibly could to the cloud without purchasing any new infrastructure.

Relying on a proven solution provider

As the financial services company was a Commvault customer, the organization inquired about using Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ as a storage option for the initiative. The IT team involved no longer wanted to be responsible for managing backup systems supporting on-premises workloads and sought to minimize the hardware footprint throughout the hybrid cloud transition.

Metallic started by conducting a detailed discovery to understand the organization’s current data management environment and their long-term business strategy. By leveraging the Commvault-generated cloud chargeback report, the Metallic team was able to perform a deep analysis of the existing environment and how data was replicated and managed.

Aiming for our client’s goals

The insights gleaned from this thorough discovery empowered our team to adopt a more consultative approach during conversations with their IT team. Acting as trusted advisors, the Metallic team holistically positioned ideal solutions for the hybrid cloud environment that dovetailed with the financial service company’s overarching business goals.

Another major step was proving that Metallic could protect the data contained in all the company’s workloads, especially considering the highly sensitive nature of the financial data. Once this was done to their satisfaction, the company purchased Metallic’s proposed solution for optimizing their backup and recovery environment.

How Metallic won the day

The process incorporated several Metallic products, such as Metallic® Hybrid Cloud, which supported all of the company’s workloads as they moved their on-premises data and workloads to the cloud, and Commvault Hyperscale X™ as their on-premises storage target. This streamlined environment and simplified the data management strategy, eliminating reliance on data centers.

With the immutability of multiple physical sites via Commvault Hyperscale X™ storage and the air-gapped protection of the cloud-based Metallic control pane, Metallic now continues to protect all their on-premises workloads, including Office 365.

Along the way, our Metallic team learned several valuable lessons that will contribute to future efforts. Primarily, we recognize that it’s helpful to conduct initial discoveries to get an in-depth grasp of an organization’s current data management environment and their long-term business strategy.