Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery

Your inboxes, calendars, Teams and docs need protection too

Email backup is just the beginning. Protect your org’s work in Microsoft Office 365 to safeguard against accidental deletion, corruption, and malicious attacks.

Innovating for tomorrow’s challenges

Total coverage

Protect comprehensively for Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, mailboxes, contacts, Teams, and calendar items. With our unlimited Azure storage and unlimited retention, there’s no limit for your backups.

Tools for vital productivity

Enable fast action and execution with metadata search of inboxes for quick identification and recovery. Notifications and at-a-glance alerts keep everyone on your team informed and ready.

Compliance as second nature

Go above and beyond for your Office 365 data with rapid recovery from deletion, corruption, or attack, backup data isolation with copy separation from source data, and extension of existing retention policies.

Got a need? Consider it covered

  • Automated daily backups
  • Flexible restore options: granular, point-in-time, out-of-place
  • Multiple retention policies for mailboxes
  • Ability to store backup copies outside of the Office 365 environment
  • Scales for any size organization
  • Simple configuration setup wizard

Drive regulatory compliance with eDiscovery

Identify, preserve and export data for regulatory compliance – with better speed and precision.

  • Reduced strain and effort with robust search controls 
  • Pinpoint data across Office 365 and Endpoints environments in one, singular interface 
  • Stay compliant with built-in EDRM protocols

Supported platforms and applications


    • Office 365 Exchange Online
    • Office 365 Sharepoint
    • Office 365 OneDrive
    • Office 365 Teams
    • Office 365 Groups
    • Office 365 Project Online


    • Microsoft Azure Blob- Hot, Cool, Archive storage
    • Unlimited cloud storage included with unlimited retention
    • Storage available in 9 global regions

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All-inclusive TCO

Leave complexity behind. With Metallic SaaS you get industry-proven protection without the cost, overhead or headaches associated with self-managed solutions.  

See how Metallic SaaS can save your business on Office 365 data protection with our TCO calculator.

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Since it’s SaaS, Metallic Office 365 Backup is easy to try before you purchase, with a simple UX that walks you through setup.