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Microsoft Teams Backup is Important

Microsoft Teams Backup – Why it’s More Important Than Ever

August 28, 2020

By Indu Peddibhotla – Senior Director, Market & Product Research

Protecting Teams data has gotten more attention lately with so many relying on collaboration tools for remote work. In fact, Microsoft Teams use has jumped 70% to 75 million daily active users.1

With increased use comes increased risk including risk of ransomware, attack or accidental deletion. KPMG recently lost 145,000 user personal chats due to a human error.2 So what steps can you take to avoid Teams data loss? Third party data backup solutions can be the answer. Let’s look at reasons why third party SaaS backup of Teams makes sense.

Comprehensive coverage

Data backup should go beyond covering just Teams. Depending on the type of data generated, copies can live in multiple locations, making locating a specific data point a challenge. If you share a file in private chat on Teams, the file will be stored in your OneDrive for Business account. Conversations you have on Teams are stored in Exchange Online. Two different locations, both containing Teams data.

Choosing a comprehensive data backup solution like MetallicTM Office 365 Backup and Recovery gives you one location for not only Teams, but also all your Office 365 data. The added benefit – Teams content saved to OneDrive and Exchange Online are backed up through the same Metallic software so you cover all bases with one solution.


When you do find yourself in a position to recover Teams content, you probably don’t have the luxury of time to find the exact conversation and quickly make it available to your users. Metallic includes metadata search tools that make locating the data you need fast and easy. And because it is SaaS-based, all your data is accessible anywhere you have cloud access.

MetallicTM Office 365 Backup & Recovery stores copies of your important data, including Teams, in the cloud, separate from the source, for fast recovery in case of malicious or accidental deletion. It is designed for ease of use with global indexing and search tools to quickly locate the specific data you need and upload it to any user. Metallic comes with unlimited storage and unlimited retention and a pay-as-you-go subscription model with no long term obligation so you save on storage and user licensing costs.

Learn more by visiting or download a free 45-day trial to see for yourself.

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