Cheers to Two Years: Metallic DMaaS Innovation is Not Slowing Down

By Manoj Nair - General Manager, Metallic
October 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

By Manoj Nair, General Manager, Metallic

As the saying goes, the only constant is change, and that has never been more true in the IT industry than over the past 24 months. Today we celebrate two years since the launch of Metallic, and it’s staggering to think about how different the world looks today than it did then.

New pressures from a global pandemic, a shift to remote work, unprecedented security risks, and a rate of change that’s unparalleled have driven customers to look for solutions that can not only quickly solve immediate pain points, but also continue to take the pressure off their organizations as change continues to accelerate.

When we launched Metallic, the conversation was about enabling cloud transformation and simplifying operations. It’s since become about so much more: delivering air-gapped infrastructure resilience to combat ransomware threats; offering agile solutions to IT orgs who have had to pivot quickly, and pivot again; and ensuring customers continue to get long-term value and reduce the cost of ownership of their data management solution so they can do more with less, as they are increasingly asked to do.

I’m incredibly proud of how many customers we have been able to help do just that – and of the team here at Commvault that continues to make that possible. And as customers have had to drive change quickly, so have we committed to innovate quickly to help them along the way. Since our first anniversary , we’ve:

The recognition from analysts like GigaOm and Gartner are tremendous validation of our vision – but the most important validation of course comes from our customers. When I hear how a company is spending 95% less time to manage their Office 365 backups, or reducing their capex by 20% annually, or finding easy ways to migrate to the cloud by modernizing backup and recovery processes – these are the reasons that keep our team energized to continue delivering the gold standard in data management as a service.

Just around the corner we have much more on the way, and I am thrilled at how we will continue to make our customers lives easier, their data safer, and their businesses more successful.

We’ve had a vision to marry the best of data management with the best of SaaS – so customers don’t have to choose between leading technology and SaaS delivery. And we’ve seen some notable trends along the way:

  • More than 50% customers are net new to Commvault, helping us to bring the industry’s leading technology to more companies around the globe
  • 1/3 of customers are in the enterprise space, proving that companies of all sizes are adopting DMaaS for their cloud and data strategies
  • 25% of customers, and growing, have more than one Metallic offering – as companies reap the benefits of a single pane of glass management across SaaS apps, endpoints, and data center workloads

We’ve risen to meet the moment – innovating fast to make sure companies have a viable option for a DMaaS platform they can trust — not a point solution but a true, enterprise-grade platform for consuming data management as a service. So today, I hope you’ll join me in saying, cheers to two years – and to continuing to help our customers sleep better at night knowing Commvault and Metallic has their back.