Metallic Delivers New Backup as a Service (BaaS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Expands Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Metallic Cloud Storage Service Offerings

By Manoj Nair - General Manager, Metallic
May 25, 2021

By all accounts, it has been a strong year for Commvault and Metallic, highlighted by the pace of our innovation across Software as a Service (SaaS) and hybrid multicloud offerings. We are helping our customers globally accelerate their cloud transformation. Now in 24 countries and still growing, we offer support for a range of workloads and solutions—and believe we have now entered our next phase of growth.

We’re excited to expand our portfolio of data management for critical SaaS and hybrid cloud applications via the all-new Metallic™ Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory protection, and we have also added enhancements to the Metallic Cloud Storage Service. Finally, with the addition of Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Commvault’s Metallic portfolio now supports Microsoft cloud technology across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

Delivering enterprise-grade data protection for Dynamics 365

The cloud-based Dynamics 365 application platform helps organizations better run their businesses through a rich set of interconnected solutions—and for many organizations, it’s the cornerstone of their business. Companies that already use or are considering implementing Dynamics 365 need effective, scalable, and extended protection for their critical cloud data. Enter Metallic™ Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides enterprise-proven, comprehensive data backup and recovery for both production and sandbox environments. It also provides safeguards against data loss threats such as deletion, corruption, and attacks by malicious insiders and ransomware. This is the first offering from Commvault that’s launching exclusively through Metallic BaaS. Metallic Backup for Dynamics 365 expands our portfolio of services for SaaS applications, including Metallic Backup for Office 365 Backup & Metallic Salesforce backup, and helps customers adhere to Microsoft’s shared responsibility model for SaaS application data management.

With ransomware threats increasing and the need to protect against malicious actors also on the rise, along with the ever-present risk of accidental data deletion and corruption, companies face growing challenges for ensuring that their SaaS data is recoverable. Unlike native solution capabilities that provide high data availability but limited retention and control, Metallic™ Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive data protection experience across the business that enables a single unified view of customer data. Similarly, shallow point products or competitive offerings often are not true SaaS and they can lack robust coverage, scale and other capabilities required to protect today’s SaaS applications.

Metallic offers enterprise-grade backup and recovery for Dynamics 365, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service applications, built on industry-leading Commvault technologies and powered by the durability, security and scalability of Azure to provide comprehensive protection for your valuable data—all with the simplicity of SaaS.

Commvault has a 25-year tradition of technology innovation and best practices that supports the complete protection of your Microsoft environment, including critical investments in industry-focused and line-of-business applications such as Dynamics. Through our decades-long collaboration with Microsoft and our experience in consistently delivering solid Intelligent Data solutions intelligent data services for complex enterprise environments, we deliver extremely effective solutions that provide the scale, flexibility, and reliability today’s companies need.

Here is what Vahé Torossian, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications at Microsoft, had to say:

“Commvault is mobilizing customers with their innovative BaaS and data protection solutions, so that organizations can more securely accelerate their digital transformation journey. As data protection laws increase around the world, organizations are looking for effective solutions that protect the privacy of their customers, especially in this cloud-first remote era. Through this new Metallic service, the power of Commvault and Microsoft can be harnessed to provide customers with the assurance that their data is comprehensively protected.”

Take a deep dive into Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.

Free Azure Active Directory backup with purchase of any Metallic subscription.

Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t the only new offering for Microsoft environments. In June, we’re planning to add support for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to our existing on-premises Active Directory backup capabilities, and make Active Directory backup—both on-premises and in Azure—available free with the purchase of any Metallic subscription.

Active Directory is a powerful tool that enables businesses to grant or restrict access to systems through sign-in authentication methods. User account attributes—including names, addresses, phone numbers, and passwords—are grouped together, providing administrators with simplified control over user access. Normally, all attributes and objects that are crucial to business operations are stored in Active Directory. But what happens when an object gets deleted, corrupted, or worse—encrypted by ransomware? Users can find themselves unable to sign in, systems can lose connections to resources, and productivity can come to a halt. This can all lead to unplanned downtime of production services.

Keeping your data protected and secure is of critical importance to businesses today, and Active Directory is at the center of secure authentication and services. Having the ability to know what has changed in your environment and the capability of reverting those changes quickly and securely is paramount. By using the Metallic Backup for Microsoft AD and Azure AD, available mid-June, you can save your organization the pain of data loss and quickly get your business back online in the event of a cyberattack or outage.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service—now offering hot and cold storage tiers.

Finally, in addition to our first Metallic-only offering and free Active Directory support, we continue to expand our support for customers looking to easily adopt cloud storage for both long- and short-term data retention. Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) is adding more flexibility than ever, with support for additional storage tiers, also expected to be available in June. We offer MCSS for both our Metallic BaaS portfolio and for customers of Commvault Complete, making it seamless to adopt cloud storage without a steep learning curve or costs that provides optimized air-gapped ransomware protection.

In these current economic climate, now more than ever customers need support for all of their data—whether it’s for customer relationship management systems (CRMs), Active Directory, or the many other workloads that Metallic supports. We believe the addition of these three new offerings are critical to our customers at a time when work is routinely being managed in a remote environment. Using Commvault and Metallic, you can, and will continue to, get what you need, when you need it. That’s our commitment to you.