Protecting Multiple CRMs? Metallic Has Your Back.

June 8, 2021

By Zack Brigman – Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Today’s CRM platforms are designed for standardization. Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, for instance, are robust and expansive in nature, housing critical customer records, business data, and invaluable insights. In an ideal world, organizations would only run a single CRM platform at a time. This helps streamline day-to-day operations, activities, and third-party integrations while eliminating duplicate data sets, silos, and user functions. But as businesses grow and transform, so do their needs. Whether supporting unique business units, managing multiple subsidiaries/entities, or inheriting technology through new mergers and acquisitions – there are a growing number of organizations (large and small) who find themselves running multiple CRM instances, concurrently.

IT professionals and admins tasked with protecting data across these disparate environments require a holistic approach to be successful. They need inclusive coverage and simplified management, without the fragmentation. With Metallic BaaS, businesses get comprehensive and proven Salesforce and Dynamics 365 data protection – unified under one single pane of glass.

Data Protection Silos

From ransomware, to accidental deletion, to malicious insiders, no SaaS application is immune to data loss. With Metallic, businesses get industry-proven and highly performant data protection for their Salesforce and Dynamics 365 environments – in one centralized solution. Whether granularly restoring records, populating sandbox environments, or protecting multiple production orgs, Metallic is simple – bringing backup and recovery functions together and effortlessly spans across disjointed CRM environments. The result? Easier data management, less data silos, and industry-trusted protection at the flip of a switch.

SLA Compliance

Whether meeting local, industry, or internal requirements, you need data secure, compliant, and rapidly recoverable. Metallic is purpose-built for Dynamics 365 and Salesforce – extending beyond native limitations to meet data protection SLAs in unison. Unlimited Azure storage and unlimited retention is included out-of-the-box, to cover active and deleted data without restrictions. Hardened multi-layered security with zero trust access controls are baked in, to thwart internal lateral movement and external data loss. And because it’s optimized for high data availability and granular, rapid restore, Metallic is proven to comfortably meet RPO and RTO requirements, at scale.

The Power of AND

Data protection doesn’t just start and end with CRM data. Businesses need complete coverage across their endpoints, SaaS apps, VMs, containers, on-prem, and cloud environments. Metallic SaaS Backup pulls these critical workloads under one hood. No multiple point solutions. No messy vendor management. No disparate experiences… Just comprehensive (and simplified) data protection across your business to help you drive business-wide data protection, compliance, and recoverability – through a single platform.

Want to learn more?  Check out Metallic™ Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Metallic™ Salesforce Backup for more details.

It’s a good day for a test drive

Through SaaS, Metallic is easy to try before you purchase, with a simple UX that walks you through setup