Metallic’s Entirely Unfair Advantage in BaaS

By Manoj Nair - General Manager, Metallic
January 26, 2021

The uniqueness of Metallic’s approach to enterprise BaaS is truly something special. As I noted in my very first blog after joining, as an industry observer, I was immediately impressed by the combination of elegance and power of a SaaS offering built on Commvault’s proven technology when Metallic was unveiled in October of 2019. I was also incredibly impressed by the boldness of that strategy. Commvault recognized the need to meet customers where they are in their cloud journey and filled a huge gap in the market by offering a truly enterprise-grade, Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution. Today, unveiling the latest additions to our portfolio, right on the heels of our accelerated pace of launches last quarter, it’s clearer than ever how this bold strategy is paying off big for customers.

We’ve always strived to define the Gold Standard in Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), with our incredibly comprehensive set of offerings for businesses of all sizes – protecting more enterprise workloads than others can match – with unique hybrid cloud flexibility, powered by the trusted leadership of Commvault and Microsoft Azure, and now, Metallic is available in 23 countries and growing. We’re listening to our user community; we understand their needs and we’re watching the industry like a hawk while at the same time innovating at breakneck speed with cloud technologies.

Speaking of which, it’s listening to our customers that is at the very core of every decision we make and how we continue to grow our portfolio to meet today’s hybrid cloud realities. Just today we announced availability of new SaaS solutions for Salesforce backup, enhanced recovery for Microsoft Teams data, the addition of Oracle and Active Directory protection to what is the broadest enterprise-grade BaaS offering for hybrid cloud databases, and the expansion of Metallic’s unique SaaS Plus capabilities to include our very own new edge offering: Commvault HyperScale X for Metallic.

My colleague, Ranga Rajagopalan, said it best in his blog about our new HyperScale X for Metallic offering, “With Metallic, customers can back up their on-prem workloads to on-prem storage, AWS workloads to AWS storage, and Azure workloads to Azure storage, all without compromising the simplicity of SaaS. Sounds intriguing, and at the same time, extremely logical, right? We thought so too, yet we noticed other vendors weren’t offering this kind of choice.”

Metallic’s decidedly unfair leg-up comes from the combination of Commvault’s breadth of IP and learnings and the agility of a cloud-native startup. We can introduce new solutions, support for new workloads, additional storage capabilities – you name it – to the market in a matter of weeks while others take months or years.

As I predicted in that first blog just seven short months ago, Metallic is now leveraging the full power and reach of Commvault’s IP and beyond. This isn’t great news for the rest of the industry stuck playing catch up, but it’s definitely great news for our customers.