Optimize VM Protection Strategy with DMaaS

By Michael Przybos - Sales Engineer, Metallic
July 29, 2022

While organizations strive to fulfill their technology modernization and digital transformation initiatives, many operate their technology landscape in a hybrid cloud state for the lifespan of the, usually multi-year, initiative. Leveraging on-premises and cloud-based virtualized environments is a vital component of efficient operations for any thriving hybrid cloud landscape. However, reliance upon virtualized environments comes with heightened data and systems management and protection risks arising from increased data sprawl, constrained resources, and increasingly prevalent threat of ransomware and cyberattacks.

In a recent webinar, the Metallic team detailed how the optionality of Metallic’s SaaS-delivered Hybrid Cloud Data Management solutions, especially Metallic’s VM & Kubernetes Backup, can empower organizations with the flexibility to securely protect the valuable data and mission-critical applications stored in their virtualized environments and containers.

Optionality to optimize VM protection policy

Metallic VM & Kubernetes offers flexible backup and restore options, enabling IT teams to optimize their VM protection policies for both costs and performance. To fully protect VM instances and Kubernetes applications from corruption and attack, use Metallic to perform snapshot backups. By protecting virtualized environments with snapshot backups, IT administrators have the power to restore both entire VM or individual files. Metallic can also perform agent-based application backups to protect file systems and applications (SQL, SAP HANA, and Oracle) running in virtualized environments. Metallic’s application backups deliver true point-in-time capabilities enabling granular, time-in-place backups and restores. Organizations can potentially reduce storage and data consumption costs by protecting virtualized file systems and applications with application backups. With customizable scheduling and storage targets, this pair of backup options helps organizations to best ideate, design, and operationalize VM protection strategies throughout their hybrid cloud journey.

VM conversions

Highlighted in the webinar, many Metallic customers find VM & Kubernetes Backup to be a valuable solution for quickly and reliability converting on-premises VMs to cloud-based (Azure or AWS) VMs[TS1] . For example, by leveraging Metallic’s out-of-place restore capability, data administrators can promptly convert a virtualized on-premises file system into an Azure file system with a few clicks within the Metallic Hub. With advanced restore features for local copies, such as live mount and live recovery, to quickly reconcile the restore changes live in the VM, converting VMs can be a smooth process with Metallic. Plus, IT administrators can use Metallic to perform cross-conversions of VMs by bringing virtualized data and applications back from the cloud into local virtualized storage targets.

SaaS-delivered best-in-class VM protection

The simplicity of SaaS propels the benefits derived from Metallic’s flexible, cost-optimized VM protection solution. With rapid installation, wizard-driven configuration, automatic upgrades, and built-in-best practices, Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup is easy to manage and delivers quick time-to-value. By providing extremely high (99.95%) availability, auto-scaling to meet performance demands, and end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle management, Metallic reduces the burden of network configuration and maintenance for internal IT teams. Most importantly, Metallic’s SaaS-delivered solution has passed an extensive list of security credentials (including FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review) and with built-in Security IQ dashboards, Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup provides best-in-class security and air-gapped storage to safeguard virtualized data, systems, and applications.

Watch the Modernize your VM Protection with DMaaS webinar replay to learn more about how Metallic’s SaaS-delivered and secure VM & Kubernetes Backup solution can optimize your organization’s VM protection policy.