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Three Keys to Prevent Salesforce Data Corruption

March 16, 2021

By Zack Brigman – Senior Manager, Product Marketing

For Salesforce administrators, architects, and developers, AppExchange offers a vast ecosystem of complimentary add-on solutions. It empowers businesses to extend the capabilities of their Salesforce Cloud with a bevy of ready-to-install apps, components, and services. But as businesses routinely adopt these add-on solutions to customize their environment, data corruption looms large. In fact, it’s a leading cause of data loss within production and sandbox environments.

Here are three ways dedicated backup keeps your Salesforce data safe and recoverable in the face of corruption:

Highly performant backups

Automated backups take the guesswork out of data protection. Administrators no longer need to nurse their Salesforce environments to capture manual backups – which introduce risk of human oversight and increase the burden on IT teams. Instead, daily, automated backups run without user intervention. Administrators simply “fire and forget” for better peace of mind, knowing that their valuable Cloud data is comprehensively backed up and covered – without the brute-force effort.

Immutable data copies

Isolated data copies provide a safety valve for your business. While Salesforce houses source data within production and sandbox environments, which is susceptible to corruption, dedicated solutions offer a separate and immutable copy of your data. This ensures data backups cannot be tampered with, altered, or deleted. This isolation also helps combat corruption and other data loss events (like ransomware or malicious attack), as businesses can maintain a pristine, highly available, copy of their data for recovery purposes.

Rapid recovery

When corruption hits, businesses need an effective way to reduce downtime. According to Gartner, downtime outage could cost a business $5,600/minute. Dedicated solutions provide Salesforce and IT admins with granular search and flexible in-place/out-of-place recovery controls for object or org-wide restores. This helps instill stronger business continuity as organizations can seamlessly recover data back to specific points in time and to the proper location – all with speed, ease and precision. By promptly and reliably recovering data, businesses can eliminate costly outages, while helping meet recovery SLAs.

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