Metallic® ThreatWise™: Protecting the Path to Your Data

By Pauline List - Product Marketing, Metallic
September 28, 2022

Data is the lifeblood of your business. It fuels your operations, keeps your workforce running, delivers your competitive advantage, and more. 

Bad actors understand this and have devised new ways to target and exploit your critical business data – beyond just encryption. As leakage, exfiltration, and theft are on the rise, organizations need new approaches that safeguard their assets earlier, before threats even reach their data.  


Until now, data protection largely focused on the ability to rebound post-breach, delivering an irreplaceable element to business continuity and ransomware readiness. But with new cyber motives emerging, recovery alone is not enough – often coming into play when damage has already been done. With bad actors focusing on more than just holding data hostage, today’s businesses need new tools that surface threats before their data is compromised. That’s why we’ve introduced ThreatWise™, next-generation cyber deception that immediately engages and surfaces threats the moment they happen. It gives businesses the ability to spot unknown and zero-day threats in production environments, away from their data, to insulate and remediate advanced threats before impact.


For attackers, a single-minded strategy rarely leads to a successful breach. Threat actors increase their chance for return on investment by following multiple paths to their target – critical business data – by diverting their attack strategies. Deception technology is based on the premise of creating an illusion of success for adversaries while deflecting them away from the organization’s infrastructure. With Metallic, customers get data protection with fully-integrated cyber deception technology that takes a data-minded approach by safeguarding the multiple routes to your data. Our unique advantage of knowing where critical business data sits, lets you strategically set trip wires across your environment to reduce risk of a successful attack.

By leveraging deception throughout production networks and environment, businesses can spot malicious activity early on, before data is lost, stolen or damaged. From initial access to your crown jewels, threat actors’ paths are spiked with sensors that uncover even the stealthiest of attacks – while entangling them in a viable deceptive network.


With Metallic® ThreatWise™, early threat detection is delivered through a synergy of three types of deception decoys (Threat Sensors, Full System Sensors and Lures), all within one solution. Each decoy type plays a critical role, rapidly covering different aspects of customer environments while creating a compelling, realistic, authentic user experience for the attacker. By combining multiple Sensors and placing them in strategic places, ThreatWise engages bad actors during their exploits, blanketing various paths to your data and diverting threats away from real assets.

And unlike conventional security tools, ThreatWise does not rely on signatures to identify malicious activity or a ‘spray and pray’ approach in the hopes of catching a threat. Instead, effective protection is enabled by intelligently deploying decoys around key customer assets with touch-to-trigger mechanisms that are highly accurate and prevent alert fatigue. Invisible to legitimate users, ThreatWise Sensors are only accessible by bad actors, and deliver clear signals and precise alerts when engaged with by malicious users.

Metallic is opening a new chapter of data protection by expanding early warning capabilities, marrying unique cyber deception in production environments alongside industry-leading backup and recoverability.

Read on for more information on how ThreatWise is redefining data protection with advanced cyber deception.