A Simple Strategy for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

By Shona Maguire - Director, Growth Marketing, Metallic
August 12, 2022

Security – Agility – Control

Data Protection: An Essential Component in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Cyber-attacks are on the increase, and two thirds of businesses are unprepared. According to a study by Positive Technologies, 93% of company networks can be breached by cyber criminals. It is now almost universally accepted that it’s no longer a question of “if” you will be attacked, but “when”.

Yet, only 50% of US businesses have a cybersecurity plan in place, and of those, a third have not updated their cybersecurity plan since the pandemic. Half of cyber security professionals still believe their organizations are not fully equipped to deal with a cyber security breach.[1]

Given that the cost of cyber crime is predicted to climb to over $10.5 Trillion by 2025[2], why are the world’s businesses so ill prepared to prevent and manage cyber-attacks?

Post Pandemic Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud Workloads

The pandemic, and global lockdown forced companies all over the globe to shift their approach, adopting new systems, applications, and tools to keep their businesses running. And while this rapid change better facilitates remote working, it accelerated multi and hybrid cloud strategies, driving data to a multitude of locations – seemingly overnight. This is where the complexities began.

Security and Data Management teams have more data than ever to protect – all living in unique locations.  As data sprawls across edge, on-prem, cloud, and SaaS apps, wrangling and safeguarding this data is increasingly challenging.   Today’s organizations need comprehensive data protection that breaks down silos, enabling single solution protection of individual endpoints (laptops and desktops in remote locations); on-prem and in-the-cloud databases; and data residing in different public clouds (think Microsoft, Oracle OCI and AWS).

This is why it is so important to implement a DMaaS (Data Management as a Service) solution which is trusted, secure, flexible, covers multi public cloud and on-premise workloads. On top of that, companies need solutions that are simple to implement and use, with proven enterprise-grade security, and ransomware readiness controls baked in.

Four Point Strategy for a Robust Hybrid Cloud Protection

When the inevitable does happen, it is vital for Admins to go back in time to the point before the attack happened to avoid crippling ransom fines, and get your company back up to speed.

The mission is not only to protect the data, but keep it compliant and rapidly recoverable when you need it most.

  1. Flexibility: Hybrid cloud is not an interim state. You’ll need the flexibility within your backup and recovery environment to shift, change, and pivot as your business strategy does.  Look for solutions that safeguard your entire data estate – to protect where your data lives today… and where it may go tomorrow. 
  2. Fast Recovery: Data backup is only half of the equation. You need proven solutions that enable you to recover, and get your business back up and running on a moment’s notice. Granular search and flexible restore options empower you to rapidly find and recover data, with speed and precision.
  3. Simplicity: Data protection shouldn’t be hard. Focus on improving efficiency, without sacrificing performance.  SaaS-delivered solutions reduce costs, simplify deployments, and streamline operations.  Look for solutions that offer enterprise-grade SaaS capabilities, with comprehensive coverage, so you can manage multiple public clouds, on-premise, and apps from a single cloud-delivered platform solution.
  4. Ransomware Detection:  Data recovery alone is not enough.  Today’s businesses need robust tools and advanced insights to  to surface attacks as they happen. Consider solutions with built in AI-powered anomaly detection to spot abnormal behavior, activities, and patterns in backup environments.  Furthermore, consider solutions that offer integrated cyber deception – to surface unknown and zero day threats in production environment.  This empowers businesses to detect ransomware threats before data exfiltration, leakage, or damage.

On top of these, you also want a backup and recovery solution which provides top notch support to help you recover what you need, when you need it. And lastly, scalable cost model which lets you grow and scale without incurring additional price points before you do so.

Metallic is proven to protect the entire data estate with the simplicity of SaaS. We offer single pane of glass protection for wherever your data lives, with differentiated security capabilities and offerings that safeguard data, keep it compliant, enable for rapid recovery, and surface ransomware threats early.

Listen to our Hybrid Cloud Podcast with Redmond Magazine, “Managing and Protecting Your Data and Applications in an Increasingly Hybrid Cloud World” to find out more about Metallic’s range of backup and recovery solutions.

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