Interview: Metallic Meets With Sociaall Inc. to Discuss the State of Cloud Data Management

By Manoj Nair - GM, Metallic
March 22, 2022

In a recent interview, Manoj Nair, General Manager for Metallic, met with Dez Blanchfield, founder and CEO of Sociaall Inc., to discuss how Metallic has been navigating the cloud and data management industry for the past couple of years—especially considering the massive industry disruption and many new cloud-based trends and technologies.

Nair also took time to speak to Metallic’s future, 2022 goals, and a vision for growth that would enable better customer service and support. He discussed solution expansions to help cover new platforms and apps, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce and SaaS provider partnerships.

The two evaluated a shift in executive perspective on data management and protection priorities, especially as enterprises have moved to hybrid cloud environments.

Other points of discussion include:

  • Rising impact of ransomware and other virtual threats
  • The priority of data security solutions
  • The growing influence of the remote workforce
  • How enterprises are handling accelerated cloud adoption

And a wide range of other issues relevant to organizations wanting to engage better data management and data protection, plus smart approaches to financial investment in services.

Want to check out the full interview? View the video here:

Then let us know what you think of the talk. Are there questions or concerns you’d like Nair or another Metallic team member to address in the future?