eDiscovery for Office 365 and Laptops: What’s in it for You?

By Zack Brigman - Senior Manager, Product Marketing
September 9, 2020

Data is everywhere. For compliance officers, regulatory professionals, and data custodians trying to track down that data, it’s a problem. Oftentimes, locating critical data requires hopping from system to system, user to user, and environment to environment, in the hopes of locating relevant information and records for legal purposes. It’s like finding a needle in multiple haystacks. This is why eDiscovery for data management is critical – and why we are excited to deliver this capability, launching at the end of the month, for Metallic customers.

When regulatory professionals are forced to wade through troves of data, it slows velocity and introduces the risk of oversight – as pertinent and sensitive data is spread throughout multiple environments. What data custodians need is a streamlined and robust way to effectively gather and preserve information for legal or regulatory purposes (wherever it may live). And that’s exactly what Metallic is delivering.

With the recent announcement of eDiscovery coming to Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery and Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery, data custodians now have an easier, more intuitive way to locate and preserve data for regulatory and organizational compliance. Here’s how:

Global Discovery

  • With Metallic, users don’t need to manage disparate systems. They have one, singular place to easily locate critical information across Endpoint and Office 365 workloads. This reduces the strain and effort data custodians face when searching for pertinent information – as data living on user laptops, desktops and in Office 365 is now discoverable in a centralized place.

Deep Search

  • Unlike other SaaS data protection vendors who rely solely on metadata search, Metallic eDiscovery provides deep and comprehensive search capabilities to uncover data. With eDiscovery from Metallic, users can query keywords, terms and phrases to pinpoint relevant information buried deep within emails, files and attachments (not just metadata properties).

Flexible Export

  • Locating data is not always enough for regulatory purposes. Companies need a way to effectively maintain it. With Metallic, users can export select communications or files (via PST format) at their own discretion – ensuring pertinent and sensitive data is always preserved.

EDRM Compliant

  • Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) provides practical standards, guidelines and best practices for eDiscovery practitioners. Metallic follows identification, collection and processing standards as defined by EDRM, helping to ensure that discovery management is always in compliance.

Seamless Experience

  • And because eDiscovery is built-into Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery and Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery, users get a unified experience for regulatory compliance. No disparate, separate applications to manage. No additional interfaces to navigate. No expensive third-party products to purchase or license. Just one, seamless experience to protect your data and enforce regulatory compliance. It’s that simple.

For more information on eDiscovery or to check out all the new features coming to Metallic, check out our recent press release.