Metallic Global Momentum: Bringing Enterprise DMaaS to Japan and Qatar

By Thad Keating - VP, Metallic Go to Market
February 18, 2022

Metallic took another step in its ongoing geo-expansion with the latest announcements that our entire Metallic portfolio of Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solutions is now available in Japan and Qatar. Delivered through Commvault and our partners located in the local regions, we aim to bring our enterprise SaaS platform for secure, scalable, compliant, and cost-effective Data Management solutions to global and local customers alike in these markets – meeting the need for a simple, cloud-first solution to reduce risk, drive compliance, and ensure data recoverability.

Like many around the globe, these regions are experiencing a rapidly evolving data landscape. Priorities are shifting, and because of this, our customers are facing challenges and opportunities like we’ve never seen before. Japan’s incredibly active and extremely interconnected tech industry is adopting the public cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications as the foundation for the future of data management and protection. Meanwhile as Qatar “becomes an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people” as part of its National Vision 2030,(1) the region is seeing tremendous investments in digital transformation projects across every industry.

We’ve seen, along the growing investments in cloud has come an alarming rise in cyberthreats, leading many to make equally significant investments in cybersecurity and data recovery. With the growing transition to cloud, data is everywhere and it lives in even more places, whether on-premises, in the public cloud, on an employee edge device, in SaaS applications, or in new productivity tools. Meanwhile, bad actors are on the rise as data sprawl continues to increase the “attack surface” creating more entryways into environments. As companies with constrained resources need simple solutions to help secure and ensure data recovery, we have accelerated the availability of Metallic to meet customers of all sizes where they are.

Metallic’s portfolio of cloud-based solutions is designed to bring the simplicity of a cloud-delivered solution to companies needing to safeguard a broad range of workloads from SaaS applications like Office 365 to VMs and containers, enterprise databases, and endpoints. With Metallic, customers can seamlessly address growing business concerns around cost, scalability, and security as they:

  • Manage data across increasingly complex hybrid cloud environments
  • Protect against the growing cyber threat landscape
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met

In fact, Metallic has been engineered to offer industry-leading data protection supporting data sovereignty, and regional and global compliance efforts in order to meet strict standards for accountability, security, confidentiality, and resilience. Metallic delivers the capability to monitor compliance policies and the amount and types of data stored, providing users with the expertise and capabilities to fulfill stringent compliance obligations. Through a tight engineering collaboration with Microsoft, Metallic integrates Microsoft Azure’s secure and compliant platform offerings and tools that help to address compliance requirements at a foundational level.

“I am proud to expand our collaboration with Commvault in Qatar, and I look forward to the introduction of Metallic in the market. The solution, which combines Commvault’s data management and Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure and platform services, will equip customers with the right tools to protect their most critical asset – their data,” said Lana Khalaf, Microsoft Country General Manager, Qatar.

I echo what my colleague, Nader Kassir, Country Manager, Qatar at Commvault, said in our formal announcement, Metallic’s full suite of data protection solutions are designed to help companies accelerate their move to the cloud, providing unmatched flexibility with a breadth of enterprise workload support to ensure that customer data is protected at all levels throughout their digital transformation journey.

We look forward to providing our customers in Qatar and Japan with enterprise-grade, industry-leading data protection solutions that map well to the data protection requirements organizations in the region must adhere to.


1 – “Qatar’s National Vision 2030,” Qatar Government Communications Office (GCO), Accessed on February 11 2022