Metallic® ThreatWiseTM

Data protection starts before you’re compromised.

Actively defend your data with fully-integrated cyber deception. Uncover, contain, and minimize threats the moment a ransomware attack begins.

Early warning ransomware detection

Threat Sensing

Uncover zero-day and unknown threats, contain and limit windows of exposure, and flag ransomware activity before it takes hold.

Highly Accurate

Clear, decisive, and immediate triggers into threats – without false positives or alert fatigue.


Streamline administration, simplify maintenance, and reduce IT footprint – to protect data in minutes, and scale in seconds.

Defend your data. Don’t just recover it.

With ThreatWiseTM patented deception technology, engage and surface threats across production environments.

  • Imitate real assets with authentic decoys
  • Divert bad actors into engaging false resources
  • Immediately flag malicious and ransomware activity
  • Reduce response time to uproot bad actors
  • Configure threat sensors across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS environments
  • Mimic real resources with preconfigured and specialized decoys along the path to business-critical assets
  • Expose sensors to bad actors only, invisible to legitimate users and systems
  • Flag recon, lateral movement, unwanted privileged access that bypasses conventional technology
  • Provide real-time insight into active and latent threats
  • Seamlessly integrate alerts with key security solutions
  • Deploy and scale in seconds, for immediate surface area coverage
  • Lightweight architecture – without the complexity, cost, or infrastructure footprint



Modern Cyber Deception: Introducing Metallic ThreatWise


Early Warning Ransomware Detection

Solution Brief

Redefining Ransomware Detection with Metallic ThreatWise


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