Metallic® ThreatWiseTM

Data protection starts before you’re compromised.

Actively defend your data with fully-integrated cyber deception. Uncover, contain, and minimize threats the moment a ransomware attack begins.

Early warning ransomware detection

Authentic decoys

Mask data, slow attacks, and divert bad actors from real resources and data. Flag recon, lateral movement and unwanted privileged access that bypasses conventional security tools.

Precision accuracy

Clear, decisive, and immediate visibility into threats – without false positives or alert fatigue with real-time insight into active and latent threats.

Lightweight architecture

Simple, cloud-delivered for rapid deployment, instant scalability, and reduced TCO. Reduce infrastructure footprint without complexity cost.

Defend your data. Don’t just recover it.

With ThreatWiseTM patented deception technology, engage and surface threats across production environments.

  • Imitate real assets with authentic decoys
  • Divert bad actors into engaging false resources
  • Immediately flag malicious and ransomware activity
  • Reduce response time to uproot bad actors
  • Configure threat sensors across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS environments
  • Mimic real resources with preconfigured and specialized decoys along the path to business-critical assets
  • Expose sensors to bad actors only, invisible to legitimate users and systems
  • Flag recon, lateral movement, unwanted privileged access that bypasses conventional technology
  • Provide real-time insight into active and latent threats
  • Seamlessly integrate alerts with key security solutions
  • Deploy and scale in seconds, for immediate surface area coverage
  • Lightweight architecture – without the complexity, cost, or infrastructure footprint



New Data Protection Innovations – Accelerating Cyber Defense and Response


Early Warning Ransomware Detection

Solution Brief

Redefining Ransomware Detection with Metallic ThreatWise


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