Six Reasons for Third-Party Salesforce Data Protection

Stay recoverable, stay protected with dedicated Salesforce data backup

Everyone needs data protection, especially Salesforce Cloud users who rely on the platform to house vital customer, business, and operational data. And as data loss threats (like accidental deletion, corruption, and ransomware attack) continue to surge, there are a number of reasons to consider purpose-built backup and recovery for your invaluable production and sandbox data.

In this eBook, we will review six key considerations for Salesforce data protection, and the benefits of Metallic™ SaaS Backup, including:

  • Comprehensive protection of objects, records, files, and relationships
  • Hardened, multi-layered security – to insulate data from internal and external threats
  • Reduced downtime with long-term data retention and rapid recovery tools built-in
  • Accelerated development/testing and increased admin productivity

Learn how Metallic delivers industry-proven protection for production and sandbox environments.

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