Safeguard SaaS with Cloud-to-Cloud
Data Protection

How Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) easily protects SaaS data

SaaS apps are now the norm in most organizations as they’re proven to increase user productivity, lower expenditures, and simplify how companies deploy and maintain solutions. With new remote workforce models and digital transformation accelerating SaaS adoption, organizations rely heavily on SaaS solutions to drive efficiencies, cost savings and performance while establishing resilience in today’s dynamic industry landscape.

In this eBook, you’ll discover why SaaS apps require dedicated protection and why Metallic™ BaaS is the industry-leading solution to defend your SaaS data, with:

  • Comprehensive coverage, of data, files, and content types
  • Hardened security, via multi-layered encryption and zero-trust access 
  • Stringent controls, to meet regulatory and SLA compliance 
  • Improved productivity, optimized for low-touch administration

Learn how Metallic delivers industry-proven protection for SaaS in any environment.

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