Three Ransomware Readiness Essentials for Healthcare Providers

The Healthcare Blueprint to Ransomware Data Protection

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The impact of ransomware-triggered shutdowns of healthcare facilities jeopardizes patient’s records, personal data, and dramatically impacts the ability to administer care. The lasting adverse effects can drain revenue and extend far beyond just monetary loss for IT professionals in healthcare organizations to safeguard data, it takes an effective, well-rounded strategy to secure and recover data at scale.

MetallicTM ransomware data protection provides healthcare organizations:

  • A hardened, multi-layered approach to security to protect and preserve data from external and internal threats 
  • Breadth of coverage on-premises and cloud environments 
  • Compliance to be compatible to meeting internal requirements, retention SLAs, and prevailing local, global, regional and government data handling standards (such as HIPAA) 

Learn how Metallic delivers a proven approach for healthcare organization’s data security.