Cloud-native BaaS for your Hybrid
Cloud Environment

VM & Kubernetes Backup: A Simple and Flexible Cloud-native BaaS Solution

See it in Action!

With Kubernetes, companies are modernizing applications and speeding cloud transformation. Metallic BaaS helps you do this with the peace of mind that your apps are protected.

Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup provides:

  • Full breadth of coverage for hybrid cloud environments – on prem to cloud native with new support for Azure VMs, VMC, AVS
  • Flexible, per VM pricing for subscriptions
  • Leading BaaS vendor to deliver Kubernetes data protection – covering all CNCF-certified distributions

Kubernetes Native Automation

To discover and backup large volumes of containerized applications with simplicity

Comprehensive Security

Consistent for all Kubernetes applications, like the rest of the hybrid data center

The Choice is Yours

Natively works with the Kubernetes distribution or orchestrator that you prefer.