It’s On Us: Data Protection for Laptops & Desktops with Microsoft Azure

Free laptop backup for your employees

Moving your company to working remotely overnight has created enough challenges. The last thing employees need right now? Losing their laptop or desktop data because of corruption, accidental deletion or attack.

We’re providing immediate access to MetallicTM Endpoint Backup & Recovery – no strings attached, no obligation, no sales conversation.

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*Up to 1,000 endpoints. Terms & conditions apply.
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Endpoints are responsible for 70% of data breaches*. Metallic will help:

Reduce Risk

  • Enable fast recovery from deletion, corruption or attack
  • Conserve bandwidth and speed backups through source-side (client) data deduplication
  • Mitigate ransomware attack with machine learning-based anomaly detection
  • Achieve back data isolation with copy separation from source data
  • Airgap your endpoint data to recover through the cloud

Increase Productivity

  • Anytime access of all your laptop data from a browser-enabled device
  • Metadata search for quick identification and recovery flexibility (point-in-time or granular restores)
  • Dashboards for efficient backup environment management, alerts and notification at-a-glance
  • Silent backup of laptop & desktop data without impacting user productivity

Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery essentials

Cloud-based solution – no on premises infrastructure to manage and unlimited Azure storage

Scalable data protection to quickly add more users

Secure data with encryption, geo-location, and remote wipe functions

Works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems

End-user-friendly, making it easier on IT personnel

Easy, fast configuration—be up-and-running in 15 minutes

Metallic™ Endpoint Backup and Recovery can help you protect your employees’ data, as you add laptops, and support unprecedented numbers of remote workers.

Get access

Commvault and Microsoft Azure are pleased to offer you Metallic endpoint protection, free of charge, from now until September 1, 2020. This promotional offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Product Offering. This offer includes endpoint protection from Metallic for up to 1000 endpoints per user coupled with unlimited Azure storage. Includes first class customer support from Metallic. Available for endpoints located in the United States and Canada only.
  • No Cost or Obligation. There is no cost to you to use Metallic through this offer. At the end of the promotional period, you are under no obligation to continue using Metallic and your account will never be switched over to a paid account without your agreement.
  • Promotion Period. This offer is valid now through September 1, 2020. Commvault may extend the promotional period at their discretion, in which case they will provide you with notice via email. At the end of this period, there is no commitment to purchase Metallic. You can, however, purchase a paid subscription to continue your services by clicking on the Buy Now button in the Metallic Hub or contacting
  • Eligibility. Available to any U.S. or Canadian company to support end users in the United States and Canada. Users are prohibited from using Metallic for competitive purposes, including to decompile or otherwise attempt to reverse engineer the product offering.
  • Terms and Conditions: Your use of Metallic endpoint protection is governed by Metallic’s standard terms and conditions, available here. By using Metallic, you agree to these terms. Metallic’s standard terms cannot be modified. Promotional offer and terms are subject to change.

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