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Office 365 Tip #3 – Look for SaaS That Saves

September 3, 2020

By Zack Brigman – Senior Manager, Product Marketing

As companies consider a comprehensive data management strategy, data protection for SaaS applications including Office 365 is a critical part of the puzzle. As we’ve noted, third party Office 365 backup is a must-have for ensuring continued compliance, while safeguarding against deletion, corruption or attack. With recent events normalizing remote workforces, cloud applications (like Office 365) have been given a chance to shine. Data protection is no exception. Leveraging SaaS-delivered backup and recovery for your Office 365 means lower costs, less headaches and reduced overhead.

This third installment of our four-blog series on Office 365 backup takes a closer look at the cost benefits associated with a SaaS model for protecting Office 365 data. Consider these SaaS benefits compared to your current Office 365 backup strategy:

No infrastructure costs

Equipment is expensive and needs constant maintenance, repair and upgrades. Using SaaS-based backup and recovery means no more large, upfront capital expenditures, ongoing network costs, or hidden egress charges. And since SaaS vendors centrally host their solutions in the cloud – there are no servers, appliances or storage arrays to purchase or maintain.

Hands-free maintenance

Unlike traditional backup solutions, SaaS-based data protection does not require you to manage installation or software updates. The SaaS vendor is responsible for both maintenance and ensuring the application and infrastructure are in place and running. SaaS constantly gifts your time and resources back to you – reducing the administrative lift so you can focus your overhead on more important tasks.


Knowing how much data storage you need can be more of an art than a science. You can purchase a certain amount of storage in-house, but there’s always the risk that it will be under, or over-sized. Your backup should have a flexible scaling model so you only subscribe to the storage you need, when you need it. Pay-as-you-go models are ideal if you prefer managing storage amounts along the way and subscriptions with no long-term obligation let you adjust as your business dictates.


SaaS doesn’t mean sacrifice. Although the simple consumption model varies from that of installed software – you don’t have to compromise on security or protection. Your SaaS-based data backup and recovery solution should offer the same level of enterprise-grade protection as traditional models, without having to settle for “good enough”.

Based on Commvault technology, Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery offers industry-proven data protection technology with the simplicity of SaaS and the power of Microsoft Azure. Check out our TCO calculator, to see just how much SaaS can save you on Office 365 data protection.

It’s a good day for a test drive

Through SaaS, Metallic is easy to try before you purchase, with a simple UX that walks you through setup